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Electronic Booking/Payment Channels in the Nigerian Aviation Sector

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

The Aero Story

Picture a scenario where a Lagos resident at his home in Victoria Island on calm Saturday morning suddenly receives a call informing him that he had to be in Abuja (the administrative capital) by mid afternoon. Abuja is an eight-hour drive from Lagos. The first decision you have to make is the easiest. Your logical choice for mode of transport will be air. You will then be faced with the choice of which airline to fly with. Traditionally, you would head for the airport and then scout around for the available flights that suits your time, and if you have options and you are price sensitive, you will go for the least expensive. That’s one possibility. You can also get in touch with a travel agent, though this may not be ideal for last minute purchases. Today however, options for accessing information, making bookings and payments have opened up globally. Nigeria has also braced up to the challenge and by default today, most airlines offers a variety of options for booking and paying for a seat on a flight.

Today, the same Victoria Island resident can send an SMS on his mobile phone to retrieve an airline’s schedule and fares, and also make a booking on the phone as well! He/She can go on to pay for the booking on the phone and check in online. In effect, he has reduced the need for human intervention up till boarding (if travelling with hand luggage only and has no baggage to check in). There are still several options n Nigerian passenger has in his path to securing an airline seat. He can book on his PC, pay on an ATM machine and check in on his PC or phone. If he has excess baggage, he can pre-pay for this on the airline’s website. Another set of options available to him would be to call the call centre, get a booking reservation, pay at a designated bank and check in/pay for excess baggage online.

These booking/payment options are revolutionary in Sub Saharan Africa. Looking at the Nigeria aviation industry, this is even more so. In spite of her status in Africa, Nigeria is beset by very formidable infrastructural issues, especially with regards to power and telecommunications. This in effect will mean that basic telecom services will cost more than in other sub-Saharan countries, ostensibly due to the additional cost of running backup supply. Regardless, The Nigerian economy still seems to provide opportunities for innovation, though not with considerable effort.

Aero contractors Company of Nigeria Limited without doubt is a pioneer in this aspect of business endeavour, as its initiatives have been copied by other airlines in the Nigerian aviation sector. The airline arguable offers the most robust distribution and payment system when ranked with other Nigerian domestic airline service providers.

Checking for flight Schedules

Passengers can always check for flight schedules by visiting or calling the Call center

If you have no internet connection, you may also check for flight schedules by sending an SMS on any Nigerian network. Aero is the first West African airline to launch such initiative. You can send one SMS to the shortcode 32123 (on Nigerian networks) to access the schedule, times and fares. To view the schedule for the Lagos-Abuja flights for the 30th of November, the SMS to send to 32120 will be
Aero Lagos Abuja 30 November
This returns a numbered list of flights with times and fares.
To book for the second flight on the list you need to send this text to the same code
Aero 2 Firstname Lastname

Booking for Flights

The most popular booking channel is also the website Booking can also be done by SMS as illustrated earlier. The Call center is also a useful channel. Designated Kiosks also provide the convenience.
The booking process gives you a unique reservations reference which captures your booking information.


There are several payment options available. The major challenge in Nigeria once again is infrastructure; with stable electricity supply not yet a reality. This is a formidable obstacle, making connectivity and e-payments challenging. Regardless, there are still several e-payment options available. These include debit card payment on the web (using Visa/Master Cards), payments at designated Nigerian banks (as the banking applications can connect to the reservation system), and payments on ATM machines, Kiosks and lately mobile money.

In Nigeria, Aero has remained the most innovative of the pack in terms of product distribution. Part of the core of the business model is empowering the passenger to be able to do everything form booking to payment to check-in themselves. The objective is making the booking and payment process so easy that Aero will be the most sensible rational option in the Nigerian airline industry.

The booking and payment process is of course only one aspect of the value chain. Without doubt though, it is a key factor in deciding which airline to fly, as our Victoria Island Lagos resident will confirm to you.

Segun Medubi oversees the commercial department at Aero Contractors Nigeria Limited.

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Aero Enlarges Its Rotary Wing Fleet

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Over the years, we have steadily built both our fleet and reputation, offering a world class aviation service that is based on excellence and professionalism. We have empowered more people to fly by offering great value-for-money fares for business and leisure travellers, and for visiting family and friends.

With an impeccable record, Aero remains at the forefront of regional aviation standards. While we forge ahead to expand our fleet and travel options, we are also determined and committed to offering our teeming customers the best overall travel experience in the country. In terms of on-time departure and arrival, making Aero the airline of choice thanks to its pedigree for reliability and safety.

Only recently, we announced an increase in our fixed wing fleet by adding a Boeing 737.We also just added two Eurocopter 365N2 Dauphins and one Augusta Westland AW139 helicopter to our rotary wing fleet to bolster the capacity of our support for the oil and gas sector. This acquisition is part of the airlines expansion programme to double the fleet and add new destinations. It is important to note that Aero Helicopters portfolio of products has been designed to provide customers with straight-forward aviation solutions that are simple to use and easy to understand. The airline’s helicopter services have been duly designed according to international standards of operation and specification, supported by unique recovery promises.

Aero has been the leading provider of helicopter services to the offshore energy industry through the years. With a fleet of over 12 modern reliable helicopters at our disposal, we have the ability to tailor our services to suit customer’s particular requirements.

Aero provides helicopter services to a wide variety of customers, including clients in the public, private, oil and gas sectors. It operates flights for sightseeing, rescue, medical evacuation, corporate movement, project support, expedition works or any other purposes that need the services of a helicopter.

Aero has a highly-trained and committed workforce across all disciplines – from engineers and pilots, to ramp and apron staff, along with those in our passenger terminal – who ensure our services run smoothly and at the highest standard.

We are in business to ensure that the experience of travellers in Nigeria, and other countries in the region, is such that can be compared to international standards. We combine all effort to raise the bar in aviation service standards in the country.

As we are approaching the festive season, we are looking ahead to launch more products to make our customers comfortable and relaxed. Our airline’s schedule performance is the best and we promise to continue to offer safe and reliable services in our network and ensure that our customers reach their destination on time and in the greatest comfort possible.

We appreciate you for choosing to fly Aero. We would not have been able to attain our leadership position in the aviation industry without your support and cooperation.

We look forward to seeing you again. Visit our website for more information on our latest offers, updates and contact details.

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Aero Wins Best West African Airline

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Aero contractors won the award for the BEST WEST AFRICAN AIRLINE, in the category of tourism and hospitality hosted by West African Tourism & Hospitality Awards (WATHAWARDS).

The event took place on the 4th of November with top leading professionals within the West African region.The online voting system enabled end users, agencies across the sub Saharan Africa the opportunity to let the region know who they think the best in hospitality and tourism industry.

The entire management and staff of Aerocontractors Nigeria would like to thank all those that voted to make this a success.

We are working very had to serve you better!

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Book On-Hold Product Launch

Monday, November 21st, 2011

This is to bring to your notice that an upgrade on aero’s online book on-hold functionality has been implemented.

Effective since 10th November, 2011, our online customers can make bookings on-hold for flights which are 24hrs and 48hrs away from departure.This service will however come at a fee.

Subscription costs for this value added service are indicated below:
1. NGN1000/USD7/GHC7 for booking on-hold for flights that are within 24hrs but up to 6 hours before departure time.

2. NGN750/5USD/5GHC for booking on-hold for flights which are 48hrs before departure; to be held on the system for a period of 24 hours.

This fee will be added to the total cost of the booking.

Please note that all bookings which are not paid for will be cancelled by the system’s robot 6 hours before the flight departure for option 1 and 24hours after booking is made for option 2.

In addition, on-hold booking subscription fees are non refundable and are not part of the ticket price. It is considered spent, once book on-hold access is given and the booking is paid for.

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Minister Of Aviation Undertakes Brief Tour Of Aero Maintenance Facility

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Minister of Aviation, Mrs. Stella Oduah Ogiewonyin, last weekend in Lagos undertook a brief tour of Aero maintenance facilities.

During the visit, the Minister was taken on a facility tour to Avionics Shop and Bonded store to see the various aircraft electronics and parts in store for aircraft maintenance, led by the an Executive Director and board member of the Aero, Obaro Ibru, Managing Director, Capt. Akin George, Finance Director, Enyi Omoke, Business Development Manager for Aircraft Maintenance, Engr. Isaac Balami and Head of Commercial, Segun Medubi, Head of Aviation Security, Mrs Ngozi Okoruwa and Head of Flight Operations, Capt Russell Leefoon)

Hon. Minister expressed on behalf of the Federal Government her appreciation to Aero for its contribution to the growth process in the Aviation industry. She commended Aero for the acquisition of the AMO certification and urged the airline to use the aviation industry as a tool for economic growth and job creation.

“I applaud Aero for earning the Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (AMO) certificate from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA); this is part of the efforts to build local capacity for indigenous airlines in the area of maintenance and I will say that this is a very important recognition for Aero. The industry needs to have more investors like Aero Contractors.  We need all hands on deck to agree to move the industry forward to make travelling by air the safest and most effective. We should take the industry to a higher level of commercialization and privatisation, introducing professionalism and modernization at the airports,” the Minister added.

The Managing Director of Aero, Capt. Akin George expressed gratitude for the visit, and thanked the Minister for recognising the modest contributions of Aero to the Aviation industry.
Capt. Akin George, said; “This important certificate was a development foundation for the airline as it helped the company provide maintenance services for aircraft of not only Aero’s but also other carriers across the nation.

“We now handle total repair of all aircraft components apart from wheels and brakes which we were used to handling. Another benefit of this level of approval is that we can now establish different business units in the area of Logistics, Workshop Opening, Training, Aircraft line (checks on aircrafts shortly after every flight) and Base Maintenance (aircraft checks at the hangar).
“Our customers have enjoyed the exclusive situational awareness and safety benefits of Aero. We have full licensed and certified maintenance facility where Commercial and Private Aircraft maintenance can be completed and our engineers are experienced and licensed”.

The airline’s foundation is built on a proven safe, reliable and on-time transportation while delivering to customers the highest standard of professional and efficient services. Aero has steadily built its fleet and holds an international reputation for having high safety standard.

From: Left to Right HAVS Ngozi Okoruwa, ED/Board Obaro Ibru, HON. Minister Mrs. Stella Oduah Ogiewonyin, MD/CEO Capt. Akin George


ED/Borad Obaro Ibru, Hon. Minister, Engr. Isaac Balami, MD/CEO Capt. Akin George


HON. Minister, CFO Mr. Omoke Enyi , MD/CEO Capt. Akin George


ED/Board Member Obaro Ibru and HON Minister Mrs. Stella Oduah Ogiewonyin


HON. Minister Mrs. Stella Oduah Ogiewonyin, MD/CEO Capt. Akin George and Head of Commercial, Segun Medubi

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Aero Increases Frequencies To Enugu & Kano

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Aero, the leading e-carrier in Africa announces an additional frequency to Enugu and one additional frequency to Kano; making a total of two daily flights from Lagos to Enugu and Lagos to Kano.

The new schedule commences on Monday, October 1st, 2011, with the additional AJ 303 Lagos – Enugu departing Lagos daily at 14:30 hours, arriving Enugu at 15:45 hours and on Sunday departing Lagos – Enugu 15:00hrs, arriving Enugu at 16:15hrs. The AJ 304 flight will depart Enugu at 16:15 hours to arrive Lagos at 17:30 hours and on Sunday departing Enugu at 16:45hrs to arrive Lagos at 18:00hrs.

The Lagos – Kano AJ 143 Lagos – Kano departing Lagos daily at 13:50 hours, arriving Kano at 15:35 hours and on Sunday departing Lagos at 17:30hrs and arriving Kano at 19:15hrs. The AJ 144 flight will depart Kano at 16:05 hours to arrive Lagos at 17:50 hours and on Sunday departing Kano at 19:45hrs and arriving Lagos at 21:30hrs.

This schedule makes Aero the leading carrier, Over the years Aero has become the first airline of choice offering excellent value for money and making travels easier and convenient through its electronic products; book and pay online, online check in, online insurance, Webmobile, SMS Book and Pay, vouchers for on-line transactions and other numerous offerings.

“In the very near future we hope to introduce another first-in-Africa product that will help our customers enjoy their travel and distinguish Aero in the industry”.

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Fly Aero from Abuja to Enugu and Enugu to Abuja Routes

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Aero, the leading e-carrier in Africa  announces the commencement of flight operations to Enugu from Abuja and vice-versa.

The new schedule commences on monday October 1st, 2011.The flight departing from Enugu to Abuja Monday to Saturday at 09:45hrs and Sunday at 10:15hrs. The flight departing from Abuja to Enugu Monday to Saturday at 11:15hrs and sunday 11:45hrs.

Over the years Aero has become the first airline of choice offering excellent value for money and making travels easier and convenient through its electronic products; book and pay online, online check in, online insurance,Webmobile, SMS Book and Pay, vouchers for on-line transactions and other numerous offerings.

“In the very near future we hope to introduce another first-in-Africa product that will help our customers enjoy their travel and distinguish Aero in the industry”.

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Aero Commences SMS Booking Application

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Aero the leading e-airline in West Africa has launched a facility that will enable bookings-on-hold via SMS and payment through ATM machines, Banks Branches or on the Internet through This new innovative booking platform took effect from August 22nd 2011.

This application which has been integrated to the aero ticket-sale booking engine, offers customers the opportunity to make bookings for flight tickets from any part of the country via SMS with Mobile Phones. Capt. Akin George, Managing Director for Aero, said: “We are excited to introduce the SMS booking option. It has been our policy to make travel more easy, affordable, simple and convenient. With this booking option, passengers will be able to conveniently book for tickets without having to go to the airline’s sales desk. Customers can access the option by first making reservations by phone via the SMS and then make payment at any Interswitch ATM machines, Designated Bank Branches, Online through across the country using the generated booking reference.

He explained the 3 steps of how customers can purchase a ticket from their mobile phone by just sending two SMS to a short code. He said:  “Customers are to look up for available flights by sending their departure and destination city, the date they want to fly to a short code 32120  in this format: Aero Lagos Abuja 20 September. Then the system responds with a confirmation of the route, date, list of available flight connections and the price for a single adult ticket. You can then choose a flight from the list and text the row number of that flight, your first name and surname to short code 32120 in the format: Aero Row #  [Firstname] [Surname].  For instance Aero 3 John Smith “.

The system books the flight and puts the reservation on hold and then responds with a confirmation text message listing your flight number, PNR (passenger name record or booking id), biller code, the reference number, and the final amount. With this reference number, you can pay for the ticket at any bank or ATM machine in Nigeria or at (booking will be kept on hold for a maximum of 24 hours and a minimum of 18 hours from the time the booking is made). Customers can only book on hold for a flight which is 24 hours away and above. On-hold bookings from this channel (SMS) must be paid for at least 6 hours before departure. If payment is not received within that time period, the booking will automatically be cancelled. As soon as payment is received, you will be sent a payment confirmation message then you are ready to fly!

“Flying can never be easier than we have made it for our customers. We have launched leading customer focused products into the Nigerian market and we are proud of these achievements. We are determined to continue to offer excellent customer service and maintain reliable and high safety standards.” Capt George added.

Aero was the first airline to introduce the mobile web and SMS ticketing service in Africa called “Aero webmobile”. This product also allows customers to book and pay for flight tickets using mobile phones.

Aero leads West African aviation in e-airline, introducing various booking and payment options to make air travel convenient for customers. With the introduction of this SMS Booking procedure, Aero has taken another giant stride towards consolidating its position as the leading regional carrier in Nigeria.

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Inclusion of Diamond Bank

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Our e-innovative airline has announced inclusion of Diamond Bank amongst the list of other banks involved in collecting cash on behalf of Aerocontractors when you make a booking on hold and pay at their various bank branches.

This implies you can Book your flight and hold in our system for 24 hrs. Pay at any of the designated bank branches Nationwide.

The Book on Hold facility are flights for 72 hours ahead.

The lists of Banks are:

United Bank for Africa PLC
First Bank of Nigeria PLC
Intercontinental Bank PLC
Fidelity Bank PLC
Sterling Bank PLC
Platinum Habib Bank Plc
AfriBank Plc.
Diamond Bank

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Cabin crew needed

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Job Title

Reports To



Cabin Crew

Cabin Services

In-flight passenger safety and comfort.

Abuja and Lagos.

Purpose Statement

Responsible for passengers’ safety and comfort, deal with security and emergency situations and ensure a pleasant flying experience for customers.

Key Accountabilities

  • Carry out pre-flight duties; briefing, safety and emergency checklists, location emergency equipment etc specific to that aircraft type. And report any unserviceable or missing items before takeoff.
  • Assist with the loading of carry-on baggage, checking for weight, size and dangerous goods.
  • Receive catering equipment and ensure correct stowage.
  • Welcome passengers onboard & direct them to their seats.
  • Carry out safety briefings on board, make announcements on behalf of the pilot and respond to passengers.
  • Prepare, offer and serve on-board items (food, beverage, comfort items etc.).
  • Distribute custom forms on international flights and assist with proper completion prior to landing.
  • Reassure passengers in an emergency and ensure safety procedures are followed correctly. Give first aid to passengers where necessary.
  • Conduct and complete final cross check before landing.
  • Ensure safe disembarkment of all passengers and check that no luggage is left behind.




* A good university degree or HND.

* Valid Cabin Crew licence

* Possession of B737 Classics type rating will be an added advantage.

Must have:

§ Customer Service orientation

§ Safety consciousness

§ Team spirit

Able to:

  • Plan, organize, communicate and instruct effectively
  • Work under pressure and sometimes long hours
  • Handle customer complaints effectively
  • Recognize signs/symptoms, causes and treatment of general medical conditions.

Minimum of two (2) years post-licence experience.

Method of Application

Should your education and competencies match the above job profile, please enter your data in the attached excel sheet and email as an attachment to with the job title as the subject. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Attached document: Crew data

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